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Home Broadband

The most flexible broadband ever, from £24.00 including line rental

Flexible Contracts


If you choose a long term contract and leave your property using your break clause, you are able to take our services with you using this same break clause and not have to worry about paying the remainder of your contract. There may be installation fees payable, depending on the length of contract you choose.

Bought a property?

If you choose a long term contract and end up selling your property before your contract finishes, you are able to take our services with you and not have to worry about paying for the remainder of your contract. There may be installation fees payable, depending on the contract you choose.

Average speed of 11MB and Unlimited Downloads

Our premium broadband offers a fast connection with a peak time average of 11MB, as well as totally unlimited downloads. There is no fair usage policy on any of our broadband packages so there are no hidden data charges. There are a number of factors that can affect the speed of your broadband.

Average speeds are based on the download speeds of at least 50% of our customer base at peak time, which is defined as between 20:00 and 22:00

Free Wireless router

Each of our Broadband packages includes high specification wireless router for your contract, to enable access from wherever you are in your property. It arrives all set up and you are even sent a text the day it gets posted!

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Broadband Speed

Unlike other providers, we won’t promise you an ’up to’ speed that you can’t get, we want to check and inform you of the speed available at your property before you join Home Telecom.

If your property is in an Area 1 you will be able to receive our premium Broadband.

Why not check your Broadband speed before you buy?

To find the actual speed available at your property, please email or call us on 01403 216131 with your property’s address and postcode and we will carry out a speed check for you.

Factors affecting speed

Broadband speed is calculated by how far you live from your local exchange. The closer you are the faster broadband speed! The further away you are the slower the broadband speed!

With Broadband speed there is no such thing as promised speed, but a provider can tell you what the fastest speed you could possible get.

Home Telecom can give you the broadband speed figure that we would realistically expect you to have at your property. It may be slightly higher, it may be slightly lower – this depends on the normal factors affecting broadband speed that we have no control over. What we don’t do is promise you an up to speed i.e. up to 20mb, when we can see that you are not going to get anywhere near that, nor do we say a speed of between two figures i.e. between 5 – 15, as people always expect to get the faster one of the two! You will want a realistic figure and Home Telecom can give you just that!

With Broadband speeds there is no such thing as promised speed, but we can instead offer you an estimate speed which will be the fastest speed your line could handle. Your actual speeds may be lower as they are effected by a number of factors such as:

  • The condition of your telephone line.
  • Network capacity.
  • Any particular number of users on a website at any time.
  • The length and quality of any phone wiring extensions in your home.

Once set, your maximum broadband speed should remain largely stable, only varying if one of the above factors changes significantly. The main factors governing the day-to-day download speed you will experience over your line are:

  • The time of day and if a provider ‘traffic manages your broadband or restricts your speed at peak time’ – Home Telecom does not operate any traffic management on our broadband or restrict your speed at any time.
  • The speed of individual websites you are visiting as some have a maximum access speed
  • Whether you’re sharing your connection with other people or devices (like Smartphone’s or gaming consoles) in your home.
  • Whether you have software running in the background, such as spyware.

Home Telecom offers you the fastest speed available to your property at no extra cost. To help to prevent any router challenges we include a wireless router worth over £50 with your contract, offer technical support and the router is set up before it arrives so you don’t even have to run an installation CD like in past times.

To enquire about the Broadband speed at your property please email or call us on 01403 216131.

Fibre Broadband

Our ultimate broadband packages, designed for demanding users and busy households.

Flexible Contracts

Select a contract length of your choice starting from just 1 month.

Average speed of 67Mb download and 17MB upload

Our Broadband service provides you with the fastest speed available as well as totally unlimited downloads. There is no fair usage policy on any of our broadband packages.

There are a number of factors that can affect the speed of your broadband.

Average speeds are based on the download speeds of at least 50% of our customer base at peak time, which is defined as between 20:00 and 22:00

Anytime Calls

Free 100 minutes of Anytime Calls per month are included with every service so you are not restricted to evening and weekend calls. There are also no call connection fees meaning 20 chargeable calls per month would save you over £40 per year compared to Talk Talk.

Free Wireless router

Each of our Broadband packages includes an industry-leading wireless router for your contract, to enable access from wherever you are in your property. It arrives all set up and you are even sent a text the day it gets posted!

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Market Leading Calls

Line Rental

Line Rental is the charge you pay for an active phone line into your property. If you are looking for any Broadband service you will need an active telephone line. It also allows you to make and receive telephone calls at your property. Home Telecom is able to offer you Line Rental at your property with or without Broadband.

Local and national calls

BT divides the country into a large number of distinct geographical areas. When you make a call to a “geographical” number within the same area as your own line, or to a number within an area adjacent to your own area you will be charged at “Local” rate. You can find out which numbers you can call at Local rate in the phonebook for your location. Making calls to a number that is not within the same area as your line or not adjacent to that area, will be charged at “National” rate.

Prices quoted in pence per minute.

Standard Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
Local calls to UK land lines 10p 10p 10p
National calls to UK land lines 10p 10p 10p

International Calls

Looking for an international call package?

You won’t need one with Home Telecom. The same call rate no matter what time of day you call with no hidden charges. See how quickly you will save on average 90% on your international calls.

International Popular Standard Rate
Australia 20.00
Belgium 20.00
Canada 20.00
China 20.00
Cyprus 20.00
Denmark 20.00
Egypt 20.00
Federal Republic Of Germany 20.00
France (Including Corsica) 20.00
Greece 20.00
Hong Kong 20.00
India 20.00
Ireland 20.00
Italy 20.00
Japan 20.00
Netherlands 20.00
New Zealand 20.00
Norway 20.00
Poland 20.00
Portugal 20.00
Russia 20.00
Saudi Arabia 28.080
Singapore 20.00
South Africa 20.00
Spain (Sp.N.Africa) 20.00
Sweden 20.00
Switzerland (Liechtenstein) 20.00
United Arab Emirates 30.480
USA 20.00

Figures from published information on competitors’ websites as at May 2011 (E&OE). For a detailed list of all our International Call Prices please download our Home Telecom Rate Card (.xls format) – click here to download (xls)

Mobile Calls

Prices quoted in pence per minute.

Standard Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
Vodafone Mobile 10p 10p 10p
O2 Mobile 10p 10p 10p
T-Mobile 10p 10p 10p
3 Mobile 10p 10p 10p
Any other UK mobile 18p 18p 18p

Anytime Calls

When Home Telecom says anytime, they mean anytime. Any time of the day and any day of the week. Have you checked what other providers call anytime? Seen another provider’s call package? Looks like you are getting a better deal with their ‘unlimited’ calls compared to our 300 minutes? Look again. Providers are offering an unlimited call package to UK Landlines yet the majority of customers will be making calls to mobiles. Have you taken into consideration their mobile or international call costs? A provider offering unlimited calls to landlines will be covering the costs of this by excessively charging you on other calls you make. For example, ‘unlimited calls to UK Landlines’ will mean that for any call you make to a mobile you will be excessively charged.

Why is our package Market Leading?

Unlike other providers, we are not excessively charging for any calls outside of the package. Our call rates stay the same for all customers regardless of having a call package or not. We also bill your calls per second, not per minute, so your free minutes last longer than you think! Your package is only for the term of your contract which can be cancelled free of charge at any time after your contract has ended. Home Telecom will easily save you money. Whatever your telecoms needs we’ve got a package to suit you.

Call Information

When you sign up to a new telephone provider they may advertise small upfront prices to make it look attractive, however, the call costs may be far from that. Home Telecom not only provides cheap line rental, we also provide you with cheap calls too. The best part of all of this is that there are no hidden charges that you will come across, no connection fees and no minimum charges. Getting significant savings on your telecoms bill is easy and with Home Telecoms you will be able to access our online billing platform which delivers you fully detailed call profiles so you can see what you are spending each day.

Call Periods

Home Telecom’s call charges remain the same no matter when or what time of day you call – giving you the freedom to make the call when it suits you. Other telecom provider’s call charges differ depending on what time of the day you make them. Home Telecom does not have any call periods – our calls are based on anytime rates. An example of a provider’s call periods is shown below.

Standard 08:00 - 18:00
Weekend 00:00 - 24:00
Off Peak all other times

Home Telecom will give you the freedom and flexibility and still save you money.

Call Billing

Home Telecom is committed to only making the customer pay for what they use. Our calls are billed to four decimal places, meaning we do not round your call duration up to the nearest minute and nor do we round the cost up to the nearest penny – so you really do only pay for the calls you make. Other providers round up the calls to the nearest minute or penny, so you will quickly and easily save with Home Telecom.

0870 & UK Non-Geographic Numbers

Non-Geographic numbers are those which are not related to where the line is physically located. Such numbers include Mobile numbers, “Number Translation Service” numbers and “Premium Rate Service” numbers. Calls to these numbers are charged irrespective of where in the UK you are located.

Number Translation Services and Premium Rate Service numbers are not priced by Home Telecom, the prices will depend on the service provider’s (who you are calling) price band. If you are unsure of the price, please contact the service provider.

Number Translation Services (NTS)

Many commercial or voluntary organisations choose to provide “special” numbers that their customers can call and for which the charge for making the call will be the same wherever you are calling from in the UK. Many (but not all) such numbers begin with 084. These calls attract different charges depending on the number dialled. 03 are charged at national rate. See the table below for Home Telecom’s prices for 0845 and 0870 numbers.

PRS (Premium Rate Service)

Like “NTS”, calls to Premium Rate Service numbers are charged at the same rates wherever you are in the UK and are not priced by Home Telecom. As the name implies, these calls tend to be relatively expensive to call. They host a great variety of services with great variations of charge. The cost is largely dictated by the service provider (who you are calling) to whom the vast majority of the revenue is passed. PRS numbers always begin with “09”. If you are unsure of the cost of the number you are planning on dialling please contact the service provider.

Home Telecom’s pricing for 08 numbers

UK Non Geographic Standard Rate Evening Rate Weekend Rate
0845 (UKL) 10.00 10.00 10.00
0870 (UKN) 10.00 10.00 10.00
Other 08 numbers Dependent on the service provider

All prices shown are in pence per minute.

Call Setup fees

Home Telecom do not charge call set up fees or call connection fees. When you sign up with other telephone providers, what they don’t tell you is that most calls incur a charge that becomes payable as soon as your call is connected. This is in addition to any charge that you pay related to the duration of the call. With Home Telecom you will not pay any call setup fees, just the price we advertise in pence per minute. So if you are on the phone for one minute that is what you will pay for. With no call set up fees Home Telecom will quickly and easily save you money.

Minimum charge

Home Telecom only charges you for the actual call you make. Other providers also apply a minimum charge to some of their calls. This means that if the cost of your call is less than their minimum fee, they will charge the minimum fee instead. This differs from a “Call Set Up fee” which is added to the charge that is calculated on a pence per minute basis. The good news for you is that you don’t have to worry about how this affects you when you are with Home Telecom it doesn’t! We only apply call set up charges and / or minimum charges to International Data calls and some calls to Non Geographic numbers in line with standard telecom industry practice.

Barred Calls

Upon joining Home Telecom, there are no bars put in place to prevent calls to international numbers and premium rate services. If you would like to have a bar in place to protect you from accruing up high charges on your bill, please contact a member of our Home Telecom team on 01403 216135 or email .

Notes and Definitions

  • All calls are billed to 4 decimal places with no rounding up or minimal call charges, except in the case of directory enquiries charges and special calls where BT charge a setup fee.
  • All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.
  • All calls and BT related charges are invoiced monthly in arrears.>
  • Line rentals are charged monthly in advance.

If you have any questions regarding our Call Tariffs please contact us on 01403 216131 or email

Call Features

All our Home Telecom Packages include Telephone Line Rental.

Basic Voicemail

If you do not answer or are on another call, your basic voicemail will play a standard greeting for them to leave you a message. If you want to personalise your message you can use our Voicemail Plus* which allows you to record a personalised greeting for those calling you, this is an extra call feature you can add to your package.


1471 – Call return service tells you the last number that called while you were away from your phone. Just press 1471 on your telephone keypad to find out the number and you can return the call straight away, just by pressing 3.

Looking for more?

Home Telecom will personalise your package, just let us know the call features you require. Any of the following Call Features can be added to your package whenever you want no matter where you are in your contract.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting makes you aware that there is a second caller whose call is waiting to be answered by sending you a discreet beep which your other caller can’t hear. The second caller is asked to hold and advised that you know they are waiting.

Caller Display

Caller Display shows you the number of the person calling, so you can decide whether to pick up the phone or leave it to your answering service.

Call Divert

Call Divert allows you to divert your calls to another landline phone or mobile. Calls that can’t get through to your home phone will still reach you on another fixed line or mobile of your choice.

3 Way Calling

Three-way Calling enables you to call someone else during an existing call and then bring them into your conversation.

Call Barring

Call Barring allows you to bar certain types of calls from being made from your phone. Different levels of barring can be set up one each phone so you’re in control of who uses it and how.

Customer Initiated Barring

This allows you to prevent dialling out of specific numbers (International, Premium Rate Services). It may suit a family home that doesn’t want their children running up high costs. It is controlled using a PIN system, where a secure PIN is required before calling out to certain numbers.

*Voicemail Plus

For a personal touch, you can select Voicemail Plus: record a personalised greeting for your caller – and check or listen to your messages from another phone while you are out.

Withhold Number

Automatically have your number with held. This will stop your number seeing seen by recipients.

Anonymous Call Reject

Automatically if a caller is withholding their number they will not get through to you. Any Call Features can be added to your package on our Let’s Get Started sign up form or at a later date.

Call Features Price Per Month
Basic Voicemail FREE*
1471 FREE*
Caller Display FREE*
Withhold Number £2.50
Call Barring £2.50
Call Direct £2.50
Caller Waiting £2.50
Customer Initiated Call Barring £2.50
Voicemail Plus £2.50
3 Way Calling £2.50
Anonymous Call Reject £2.50

We currently have special offers on our call features if you purchase two or more:

2 for £3 (save £2), 3 for £4.50 (save £3), or 4 for £6 (save £4). If you have any questions regarding our Call Features or to add any Call Features to your package, please contact a member of our Home Telecom team on 01403 216135 or email *Voicemail and 1471 are free to our option 1 broadband packages. For any other package chosen, these features are just £2.50 each per month.

Call Bundles – Dazzling savings on our low-cost call bundles

Local, National & Mobile

Our local and national bundles can save you up to a whopping 90% per month compared to pay as you go rates. Don’t be restricted to evening and weekends, instead take advantage of flexible minutes that you can use any time of the day, any day of the week. You can even upgrade your minutes at any time within your contract if your call usage changes. All of our packages come with 100 free anytime minutes to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03), complimentary with your line rental.

100 + 100 Minutes = £3.00

300 + 100 Minutes = £5.00

500 + 100 Minutes = £7.00

45 Countries Included

Do you have loved ones overseas and still wish to catch up regularly? We can help. We know it is common knowledge that calling internationally is terribly pricey, but it doesn’t have to be. With our international call bundles starting from under £3.00 a month and over 40 countries included in the bundle, you never have to miss that opportunity to catch up again!

International 100 Minutes = £3.00

International 300 Minutes = £7.00

International 500 Minutes = £12.00

Below is the list of countries which are included with our call bundles, we hope you can spot your required destination:

Argentina Cyprus Iceland Netherlands South Africa
Australia Denmark India New Zealand South Korea
Azores Estonia Ireland Norway Spain
Belgium France Israel Peru Sweden
Canada Germany Italy Poland Switzerland
Canary Islands Greece Luxembourg Portugal Taiwan
China Guam Madeira Puerto Rico Turkey
Costa Rica Hong Kong Mexico Singapore U.S.A
Croatia Hungary Morocco Slovenia U.S. Virgin Islands

Telephone Handsets

BT Duet 210


The BT Duet 210 corded telephone can be easily wall mounted and offers you a simple way to communicate with those closest to you.

  • 10 number memories
  • 3 ringtones
  • Last number redial
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Call divert
  • Conference call

BT Big Button


A phone, with large buttons for easy dialling, ringer volume options and 50 number memory.

  • Large buttons – for easy, accurate and more comfortable dialling
  • 50 number memory
  • Caller ID
  • Call log
  • Ringer volume and tone control options
  • Hearing aid compatible

BT 1200 Twin


The BT 1200 is a cordless phone with large chunky buttons, designed for ease of use.

  • 50 name and number directory
  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • LCD display – monochrome

How to order your new handset:

Please call 01403 216131 or email We offer a variety of different payment methods and accept most of the major credit and debit cards. Prices exclude delivery cost of £6.95 per handset.

Also available: